Prayaam Analytics is strategy and consulting provider in the area of Data Warehousing (DWH and Data Lake), Business Analytics (COTS Packages and Custom Solutions) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).

Some of the key areas that are covered includes, Enterprise Data Warehousing Strategy and Design, BI Strategy, EPM Strategy and DWH, BI & EPM Health Assessments.

Prayaam Analytics help you shape Business Analytics Strategy and Design, Enterprise Performance Management Strategy and IT transformational needs to meet goals set for enterprise performance and business plan evaluations.

Here are some of the offerings.

Organization IT Transformation Strategy

Strategy for assessing companies health in utilising IT for Management Information Systems.

Covers understanding of gaps right from organisation goals, business processes, data strategy and accuracy of it to capture required information, understanding of IT to segregate management vs operations. Also involves providing corrective measures to refine the processes along with choice of IT products to support business for existing and upcoming expansions.

Enterprise Planning, Budgeting and Profitability Management

Financial planning and budgeting solution involving assessment of companies global financial planning and consolidation requirements. Customer and Product/Process profitability to get deep insights into profitability and pricing strategy.

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