Consulting Offerings

IT Strategy

Assessment of IT applications and infrastructure landscape highlighting information accessibility and quality based on the Management information systems (MIS) requirements.

Assessment of maturity of IT applications on providing required functionality and features to meet organizational KPIs.

IT Cost optimization opportunities identification and roadmap to implement it.

Enterprise Performance Management

IT strategy to setup EPM (Enterprise performance management) solutions, Tool evaluations, Design consultations.

Supported areas cover financial planning covering financial statements, Project Financials, Workforce and compensation planning, Capital Expense Planning, Event Management, Sales, financial consolidation, tax planning, treasury planning, profitability management, supply chain planning, Demand Forecasting and strategic planning.

Business Analytics

Business and Technical Solution Architecture of business analytics for an enterprise covering operational, management and strategic reporting.

Health assessment of existing systems and to be strategy design and implementation plan.

Tool evaluations, health assessment, design consultation, BI strategy.

Statistical Modelling


Business and technical architecture for Data across organization.

Master Data Management, Data Quality and Data Governance.

Relational and multi dimensional databases.

Data mart and data warehousing solutions.

Cloud and on-premise data solutions.

Data transformations using ETL or ELT packages.

Health assessment of an existing data warehouse / data mart / data lake solution.

Business Analytics Packages

Multiple COTS (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft) and open source (Talend, Pentaho) packages are supported. You can reach out for customized solutions based on requirements that spans across multiple product packages as well.

Key Functionalities supported includes

- Data (data transformations and storage)

- Business Intelligence (Reporting)

- Enterprise Performance Management (Financial and Non Financial Planning)

- DWH, BI and EPM Strategy

- Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

- User Interface and User Experience with custom visuals

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