Some of Expertise Area for Projects

IT Transformation covering Business Analytics and Enterprise Performance Management

Strategy for assessing companies health by measuring utilization of IT for Management Information Systems. Covers understanding of gaps right from organisation goals, business processes, data strategy and accuracy of it to capture required information (segregate management vs operations wherever applicable). Also involves providing corrective measures to refine the processes along with choice of IT products to support business for existing and upcoming expansions.

Enterprise Planning, Budgeting and Profitability Management

Set up of a financial planning and budgeting solution. The project involve assessment of companies global financial planning and consolidation requirements with a futuristic view of global design and global financial planning processes.

Customer and Product/Process profitability to get deep insights into organization profitability.

BI Pre-packaged Applications

Oracle BI Applications setup covering Finance, HR, Supply Chain, Sales, Service, Marketing modules.

Profitability Analytics

Profitability Analytics covering organization, business unit, relationship manager and customer profitability.

Finance - Data Warehouse, Reporting and Enterprise Planning

Set up of a data warehouse, reporting and financial planning and budgeting solution for any industry/enterprise


Movalytics is a framework solution of Prayaam Consulting for movie industry. It can help understand potential revenue generation opportunities along with the best plot process that works with the film. A movie data set is analysed on different factors such as genre, actors, directors, budget and collections. A strategic plan based on the analysis is prescribed which would have a greater impact on the audience and thus on the box office collections. This is a technology agnostic solution. Sample solutions for demo purposes are available on Qlik, MySQL, R/Python. Extended solution includes financial planning and budgeting using Oracle EPM (on premise or cloud) solutions i.e. Hyperion Planning/EPBCS, Essbase/EPBCS and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI).

AI/ML solutions - In research and development

In Progress : Chatbot engine with machine learning capabilities for a facility management solution.

In Progress : Image recognition for pattern matching

In Progress : Fraud detection mechanism to identify fraud transactions within a set of transactions.

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